Bihar Police Constable English (अंग्रेजी) Syllabus

केन्द्रीय चयन पर्षद, पटना, बिहार

Central Selection Board of Constable : Bihar Police Syllabus 2018-19

Bihar Police English (अंग्रेजी) Subject Syllabus

1. Preparing Note and writing summary of a given passage

  • Identifying Central / Main Point and supporting details etc. and perceiving overall meaning and organization.
  • The texts should deal with sociopolitical and cultural issues along with the principals enshrined in the constitution.

2. Comprehension of unseen factual / imaginative passages (Short and long question answer items)

  • Developing the skills of reasoning, drawing inferences.

3. Reading of tales / short stories / short plays

  • Reading with understanding and imbibing virtues.
  • Bihar writers, Indian writers, Commonwealth writers and native writers of English.

4. Reading of informative pieces / essays

  • Read with understanding and respond effectively in writing.
  • On Environment, Economics, Sports, Science, health and hygiene.
  • Adolescence, Human Values and human rights, Cultural diversity and unity etc.

5. Reading poems for enjoyment and understanding

  • Enjoying and understanding poems and imbibing human values and / or encountering truth.
  • World fame poets (Both native and non native poets of English), Indian Poets, Bihari Poets.

6. Free Composition on familiar / contemporary issues

  • Communicative skills in writing
  • Notices, memorandum, formal and informal letters, application etc.

7. Various registers of English

  • Build Communicative competences in various registers of English
  • Support with standard pieces of writing.

8. Translation from mother tongue into English

  • Ability to translate from mother tongue into English and vice versa.
  • Wide ranging topics covering different aspects of life including great personalities.

9. Grammatical items and structures:
(a) The use of different Tense forms for different kinds of narration (e.g. media commentaries, report, programmes, etc.
(b) Reported speech in extended text.
(c) The use of passive forms in scientific and innovative writing.
(d) Converting one kind of structures as well as other items to exemplify stylistic variations in different discourses.
(e) Modal auxiliaries – Uses based on semantic considerations.
(f) Phrases and idioms
(g) Analysis.
(h) Converting one kind of sentence / clause into a different kind of structures as well as other items to exemplify stylistic variations in different discourses.
(i) Synthesis.

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