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The Rajagopalachari formula consisted of:

(i) The League was to endorse the Indian demand for independence and to co-operate with the Congress in formation of Provisional Interim Government for a transitional period.
(ii) At the end of the War, a Commission would be appointed to demarcate the districts having a Muslim population in absolute majority and in those areas plebiscite to be conducted on all inhabitants (including the non-Muslims) on basis of adult suffrage.
(iii) All parties would be allowed to express their stance on the partition and their views before the plebiscite.
(iv) In the event of separation, a mutual agreement would be entered into for safeguarding essential matters such as defence, communication and commerce and for other essential services.
(v) The transfer of population, if any would be absolutely on a voluntary basis.
(vi) The terms of the binding will be applicable only in case of full transfer of power by Britain to Government of India.

Jinnah rejected the initiative, as he claimed that the formula was intended to 'torpedo' the Lahore resolution; it was 'grossest travesty', a 'ridiculous proposal', 'offering a shadow and a husk – a maimed, mutilated and moth-eaten Pakistan, and thus trying to pass off having met out Pakistan scheme and Muslim demand.

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