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The Lucknow Session 1916 was presided by Ambica Charan Majumdar. This session brought the moderates and extremists in Congress on common platform again after nearly a decade, particularly due to efforts of Annie Besant. Also Congress and All India Muslim League signed the historic Lucknow Pact.

Congress and Muslim League negotiated an agreement whose main clauses are as follows:

  • There shall be self-government in India.
  • Muslims should be given one-third representation in the central government.
  • There should be separate electorates for all the communities until a community demanded joint electorates.
  • A system of weightage to minority political representation (giving minorities more representation in the government then is proportional to their share of the population) should be adopted.

The Lucknow Pact is seen as a beacon of hope of Hindu-Muslim unity. It established cordial relations between the Muslim League and the Indian National Congress. Before the pact, both parties were viewed as rivals who opposed each other and worked in their own interests. However, the pact brought a change in that view.

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