Demo & Instruction for UPSC Computer Based Recruitment Test - 2013

UPSC : Computer Based Recruitment Test


Candidates Entry Instructions

  • Candidates must queue outside the entry gate and enter in an orderly manner.

  • While entering, the candidates must show their Admit Cards to the security at the Main Gate.

  • Candidates are allowed to enter the Test Venues and registration would start from 1.30 P.M. onwards.

  • Candidates shall NOT be allowed entry into the test venue after 2.15 P.M., under any circumstances.

  • The candidates’ registration closes at 2.30 P.M.

  • Entry to Computer Labs starts at 2.30 P.M.


  1. Test time period is: 120 minutes i.e. 2 hours.

  2. Before the Test, the candidate will be asked to read the instructions. Immediately after reading of instructions, the log‐in page for the test will appear. Candidates will have to enter their roll number as user ID and password announced by the invigilator in the Test log-in page.

  3. The candidates need to immediately start the Test by entering the Password as soon as it is announced by the Invigilator.

  4. In the event of the Test being disrupted, the candidate should immediately inform the invigilator. The invigilator will help the candidate to re-login to the test by clicking on the Orange Button below RESUME Button on the left of the Exam Name. This will start the exam from where it had stopped.

  5. Numbered list of all questions will appear at the right side of the screen.

  6. Keep a close watch on “Time Left” while appearing for the test.

  7. Question once attempted, it would be final. However, answer can be changed at any time during the Test before final submission including unattempting the question using ‘deselect’ button.

  8. This test carries negative marking. For every wrong answer, 0.33 marks will be deducted.

  9. The ‘submit’ button would be activated only when you have viewed all the questions at least once.

  10. You will be automatically stopped from answering questions when the time of test is over and the test will auto-submit.

  11. Candidates should not carry any books, paper, mobile phone or any other electronic item to the test venue. UPSC will not be responsible for the safekeeping of such item.

  12. Impersonation (to assume the identity of another with intent to deceive) and Plagiarism (the use and submission of other people’s work for assessment as though it were one’s own) is forbidden.

  13. Candidates must not, on any pretext whatsoever speak to or have any communication with any other Candidates; such communication will be regarded as a breach of the Test regulations.

  14. Candidates in the Test venue, who is found to have unauthorized materials in his/her possession, shall be deemed to be in breach of the test regulations. All breaches of test regulations shall be considered to constitute unfair practice. In case any candidate is found to be indulging in unfair practice, he will be debarred from this and future exams of UPSC.

  15. At the conclusion of the test, candidates must remain quietly seated and must not communicate with one another till the entire test time has elapsed.

  16. No candidate shall be permitted to leave Test Lab till expiry of the allotted time.

  17. No candidate shall be allowed to go to the toilet during the last 30 minutes of the Test.

  18. The candidate must abide by the instructions and such further instructions as may be given by Supervisor/Invigilator of the Test. If the candidate fails to do so or indulges in disorderly or improper conduct, he/she will render himself/herself liable to expulsion from the Test and/or such other punishment as the Commission may deem fit to impose.

  19. The candidate will furnish such necessary and correct information as may be required from him/her in the Test Lab by the Invigilator/Assistant Supervisor/Supervisor/other persons so authorized.


  • Mobile Phones and such IT Gadgets are banned in the test venue.

  • Travelling and other expenses must be borne by the candidate himself/ herself. The Commission does not make arrangements for boarding and lodging of any candidate.

  • In order to familiarize themselves with Computer Based Test, the candidates are advised to go through the demo of the Computer Based Test on the UPSC website:-

Read Official General & Specific Instructions

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