Download NTSE 2014 Scholastic Aptitude Model Paper for Class X : (Test - 1)

National Talent Search Examination
(Model Test - 1)

CLASS - X : Scholastic Aptitude Test

Pattern : This paper has 90 questions.
(i) Science (P + C + Bio) : 35 Ques
Mathematics : 20 Ques
Social Science : 35 Ques
(ii) Each question has four choices, out of which only one is the correct option.
(iii) 1 marks will be given for each correct answer. There is no negative marking


An electric bulb draws a current of 0.8A and works on 250V on the average 8 hours a day. If energy costs Rs 3 per kwh, calculate monthly bill for 30 days.
(1) Rs -177 (2) Rs -166
(3) Rs -155 (4) Rs -144

Twinkling of star is due to atmospheric-
(1) dispersion of light by water droplets
(2) refraction of light by different layers of varying refractive indices
(3) Scattering of light by dust particles
(4) internal reflection of light by clouds

You observe an object covering distances is direct proportion of the time elapsed. What conclusion do you draw about its acceleration ?
(1) it is zero (2) it is decreasing
(3) it is constant (4) it is increasing

When the distant an object travels is directly proportional to the length of time it is said to travel with-
(1) Constant speed (2) Constant acceleration
(3) Zero velocity (4) Uniform velocity

Which of the following nonmetal is used in polymers?
(1) Nitrogen (2) Phosphorus
(3) Silicon (4) Sulphur

The radius of bicycle wheel is 14 cm. How far would the wheel have moved after making 50 complete rotations -
(1) 88 cm (2) 2200 cm
(3) 440 cm (4) 4400 cm

The concentration camps were -
(1) safe places for the Jews
(2) unsafe places for the Germans
(3) places enclosed with lights
(4) places where jews were jailed

The first satyagraha in India by Mahatma Gandhi in 1917 was started at -
(1) Ahmedabad (2) Champaran
(3) Sabarmati (4) Bardoli

Which one of the following is not a major type of industry to employ people in London ?
(1) Printing and stationery.
(2) Clothing and footwear.
(3) Computer software.
(4) Surgical instrument.

Which of the following countries have a high proportion of population working in tertiary activities ?
(1) Developed countries
(2) Middle income countries
(3) Developing countries
(4) Low income countries

People who do not realise the importance of education for themselves and their children tend to fall into a -
(1) Virtuous cycle
(2) Vicious cycle
(3) Debt
(4) All of these

When is 'World Consumer Rights Day' celebrated ?
(1) 12th March (2) 15th March
(3) 11th March (4) 18th March

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