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Common Written Examination (CWE)
Clerical Cadre Exam Paper

Computer Knowledge (Held on: 11th December, 2011)

The permanently etched program in ROM that automatically begins executing the computer's instructions is the :-
(1) BIOS (2) ROM
(3) CMOS (4) RAM
(5) None of these

Information stored in RAM is considered volatile, which name it is :-
(1) stored there permanently.
(2) not held permanently, only temporarily.
(3) stored when the electricity is shut off.
(4) stored permanently in the CPU device.
(5) None of these

The display size of a monitor is measured :-
(1) zig-zag
(2) horizontally
(3) vertically
(4) from center to the further corner.
(5) diagonally

The name of a Microsoft Office Word document is displayed in both the ________ and the taskbar.
(1) Menu bar
(2) Task bar
(3) Formatting toobar
(4) Standard toolbar
(5) Title bar

Excel is designed to provide visual cues to the relationship between the cells that provide values to the formulas or the cells that depend on the formulas by __________
(1) Bolding the cell references to match the color coding of the borders around the referenced worksheet cells.
(2) Highlighting the cell references.
(3) Color coding the cell references in the formula to match the border around the referenced worksheet cells.
(4) Bolding the cell references.
(5) None of these

A limitation of software that digitizes voice data is that it :-
(1) is prohibitively expensive.
(2) must be trained to recognize individual voices.
(3) can only be used on high-end computers.
(4) cannot be used to laptop computers.
(5) cannot be used on desktop computers.

External devices such as printers, keyboards, and modems are known as ___________
(1) add-on devices.
(2) Peripherals.
(3) Extra hardware devices.
(4) PC expansion slot add-ons.
(5) special-buys

The higher the resolution of a monitor, the :-
(1) larger the pixels
(2) less clear the screen is
(3) further apart the pixels
(4) closer together the pixels
(5) None of these

224. To select a Word, you click it :-
(1) once (2) twice
(3) three times (4) four times
(5) none of these

The Excel feature includes functions to calculate an Average, Minimum, and Count.
(1) Format (2) Number
(3) AutoSum (4) Calculate
(5) MIN

For a computer to recognize and understand analog data, it must first be:-
(1) sent a mainframe for interpretation
(2) analyzed by the ALU of the CPU
(3) decoded
(4) analyzed for viruses
(5) digitized

Expansion cards are inserted into:-
(1) slots
(2) peripheral devices
(3) the CPU
(4) the back of the computer
(5) pegs

Which types of software is distributed free but requires the users to pay some amount for further use?
(1) freeware (2) shareware
(3) rentalware
(4) public-domain softare
(5) abandonware

Using Print Preview is useful when you want to :-
(1) Colour the document
(2) Save the document
(3) Delete the document
(4) Copy the document
(5) View how the document will appear when printed

What does a Web site address uniquely specify?
(1) Web browser
(2) Web site
(3) PDA
(4) Storage
(5) Hard-disk

A pixel is a :-
(1) picture element of dot on a screen.
(2) point of ink on a laser-printed page.
(3) point of ink on a ink-jet printed page.
(4) light beam used as an input device.
(5) None of these

The most common pointing input device is the :-
(1) trackball. (2) touchpad.
(3) touchscreen. (4) mouse.
(5) scanner.

The file that is created through word processing is a :-
(1) database file
(2) storage file
(3) worksheet file
(4) document file
(5) graphical file

Web pages are saved in ________ format.
(1) http;// (2) HTML
(3) DOC (4) URL
(5) None of these

What are the two parts of an E-mail address?
(1) User name and street address
(2) Legal name and phone number
(3) User name and domain name
(4) Initials and password
(5) Login name and password

If employees reside in different parts of the country and need to meet monthly, useful computer technology would be :-
(1) video-display software
(2) video-digitizing
(3) videoconferencing
(4) video scanning
(5) None of these

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