Tips for Job Interview (Etiquettes & Gestures)

How to Hone Your Job Interview Etiquette

Job Interview Tips


How to Act in an interview

  • Communication: Should be Clear, Unambiguous, Logical, and Voiced Confidently.
  • Speech: Should be Clear, Audible, Eloquently, Intelligently, Courteously. Avoid drooling. Avoid repeating words. Avoid unnecessary phrases like “You See, Actually, As you know, Like etc”. Speak unhurriedly, for clarity and confidence.
  • Overcome: Fear, Negative thought, Overconfidence, Anxiety.
  • Facial Expression: Try to have an animated face. Smile pleasantly (Practise smiles before a mirror.) , Maintain Eye contact with the speaker / listener(s). In GD, look around, keeping eye contact with all.
  • Gestures with Hands: Do not point fingers at others, Avoid posture of boredom. Try to be expressive. Keep hands below chin level. Avoid crossing arms or legs while sitting or standing.
  • Common Lying gestures: Mouth cover, Nose touch, Eye rub, Scratching neck. Avoid them.

Leg Positions

  • Crossed legs – Indicates closed attitude, uncertainty, superiority, or aggression
  • Open / Uncrossed legs – Indicates Open, Positive & confident
  • Ankle Lock – Indicates Withdrawn Attitude

Head Movements

  • Nod slightly while talking. – Indicates receptivity
  • Slightly tilt head while listening – Indicates attentiveness.
  • Always keep chin up - Never look down while talking.

Body Postures

  • Closed (Legs crossed, arms folded, torso / legs turned away) – Shows Vulnerability, Depression, or Dislike
  • Open or Receptive (Legs uncrossed, arms open,) – Shows Openness, Accessibility, willingness to interact., positive, more persuasive,
  • When seated, lean forward while listening or talking.
  • If standing, stand straight with arms by the sides or clasped in fig-leaf position.
  • Leaning Backward – Signals dislike or negativity, Communicates dominance or Superiority.
  • Leaning Forward – Shows Attentiveness, positive attitude.
  • Nodding – Indicates Attention & Receptivity.

What to Avoid

  • Wearing Bright or distracting dress
  • Strong perfumes
  • “Put On” Accent
  • Biting nails, pen, or pencil, fidgeting with mobile (Keep mobile switched off – not even silent mode), hand-purse, ring etc. Twirling kerchief, sari, shawl, kameez /shirt etc –They Betray Anxiety & nervousness.
  • Stretching legs or shaking them frequently.
  • Looking down / at the roof while listening or speaking.
  • Adjusting hair / dress, caressing face – Indicate nervousness. Anxiety.
  • Excess gestures – You will seem artificial.
  • Fidgeting / Uneasiness in the chair - Indicate nervousness. Anxiety.

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