Bank Exam Interview Guide (Understanding & Tips)

Bank Exam Interview Guide: Understand the Context of Interview

Bank Interview Guide

How is this interview different?

  • Here you will be interviewed by a panel of 4 to 5 members.
  • Interview expected to last between 15 to 20 minutes.
  • In that short period they will make their assessment.

Interview: Main Points To Remember

  • Prepare for the future: Forget exams and marks. Your focus now is to impress the panel.
  • Know your Interview Panel: The panel will have 4-5 people. At least two would have spent their life in a Bank.
  • Know the assessment process: Each member will assess you first and discuss with each other and come to a collective assessment. Sync your preparation with these in mind.

What Are You Being Assessed For?

  • Above average intelligence and awareness (written test)
  • Ability to relate to numbers, to analyse and reason (written test)
  • Level of self-confidence, your interaction style (interview)
  • How well you know yourself ! (interview)
  • Ability to understand, to communicate clearly, to listen (interview)
  • Ability to work hard, ability to persevere (interview)
  • Commitment, integrity (interview)
  • Adaptability to working in different geographies, cultures, environments (interview)

Remember: In everything you do and say, they will look for these qualities of yours.

  • Get Used to Framing Your Answers: Talking about yourself, your family background, your favourite subject, your school or college, career, your city or place of birth, your biggest achievement, your hobbies Follow The Two Minute Rule.
  • DONT: Give one word answers or Talk too much: This does not apply to questions on Banking (eg.features of a cheque).

  • Get Ready to Make An Impression: Panelists are looking from you reasons why they should select you.

A Week Before your Interview

The next few days are available for you to prepare for the interview.

  • Keep in mind what we saw earlier. What is the interview panel looking for?
  • Level of self-confidence, your interaction style.
  • How well you know yourself.
  • Ability to understand, to communicate clearly, to listen.
  • Ability to work hard, ability to persevere.
  • Commitment, integrity.
  • Adaptability, being open to working in different geographies, cultures, environments.
  • Let us look at what we can do to prepare for these questions.
  • Most of what is suggested can be done without any need for any additional research or study.
  • All that is needed is some un-interrupted time.
  • First of all understand that within you , you have everything to demonstrate all these qualities

Know Yourself

You must write down at least 10 accomplishments or achievements in your life you are proud of. For example - achievement related to working with people, hard work, adapting to circumstances etc. When you are done, you will know yourself better and can relate your life to the qualities needed. This evaluations will help you with not just saying “I am working hard!”, but with a concrete example.

When you are asked a question “ What are your strengths and weaknesses?” you will have examples to give that are backed by data. If you have done the exercise carefully, you will see that all these together go to show some of the qualities that the panel is looking for. What is needed in the interview is the ability to confidently, clearly and concisely answer the question and present your qualities and skills. You are only presenting what is true about yourself.

Bank Interview DressPresenting Yourself

Your bio data may lead to some questions relating to sharing your experience or prompt questions on any social or personal experiences. Questions on such topics like any particular situation, hindrances, actions you take, and the results of the incident. For these kind of topics follow this presentation tips:

For Situation: I volunteered during the recent floods in Chennai.
It was terrible, people had no drinking water, no shelter, belongings soaked and damaged or washed away.
Physically contacted people and mobilised two or three boats, some drinking water, food packets.
People gained some hope as they were ferried to places of safety.
Demonstrates, ability to work with people, shows concern for people, ability to co ordinate.

What To Wear For The Interview?

What you wear should be appropriate to the job:

  • For Men: wear a light shirt with dark trousers, socks and shoes with a tie.
  • For Women: wear a sari or salwar kameez, in sober colours.

Shoes should be properly polished. A blazer or coat is optional (only if you are comfortable) DO NOT attend the interview in jeans, tee shirt and in sandals. Take care of your grooming If you are buying anything to wear for the interview, wear it at home for a day or two to get used to the feel.

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