How to Clear Bank Exam HR Interview (Understanding & Tips)

Bank Exam HR Interview Questions

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The HR Interview would be around 15 minutes or so of depending on issues, so try to make the first winning impression. Interview questions would be based on Introduction, Personal Detail, Academics or Work Related, Current Issues/News and Situation Based.

  • INTRODUCTION: In introduction related questions they generally ask that "Tell us something about yourself or Introduce yourself".  Prepare you Basic Introduction well including Highlight achievements, Hobbies, interests, Family background etc.
  • PERSONAL DETAIL: They will ask questions about Banking Sector on national/international context, you Career Goals, your Strengths and Weakness etc.
  • ACADEMICS/WORK: They may ask about your Favourite Subjects and may be your Previous job or job role, Reason for shift to banking industry etc.
  • GENERAL AWARENESS: In this part they evaluate you in order the know about your knowledge on Banking, Finance and related Events etc.
  • SITUATION BASED TEST: How you deal with when you - Posted in rural area with minimum amenities, Handling a dissatisfied customer, Opinion on certain banking & finance related policies etc.

Some Question & Answer Tips

Tell us something about yourself.
Highlight subject knowledge, work related skills and specific qualities the employer / interviewer is looking for. Talk about achievements on academic or social fronts, in reverse chronological order. Bring out your attributes required for the position.

Tell us about your family background
Briefly dwell on your parents’ profession and its influence on your personality. Highlight virtues of discipline, dedication, sincerity & others. Be positive about family background. Try to avoid influential relatives or political connections.

What is your objective in life, career (short and long term) goals, objectives and where do you see yourself 5 to 10 years from now?
Identify your vision. And the career goals you wish to achieve. Be realistic and relate them to company’s objectives.

How do you handle stress?
Suggest some negatives in others, that make you angry. Your ability to remain cool under stress and to deal with situations as they come. Yoga and meditation help reduce stress.

What would you say, if working hours are stretched or can you work overtime if required?
Response should indicate your personality, ideals & values. Be honest. Know thoroughly about the idol. Your idol could be Father, Mother, any relative, anyone you worked with or know otherwise, or a national leader. Be proud to be yourself with your positives & shortcomings.

NOTE: To create stress in you, the Interviewers: Do not respond to your greeting, Take time in telling you to be seated, Pose rude questions, Speak lightly of your qualifications, Challenge your response rudely, Remain silent for a long time after your response, Rapid fire questioning, Pose stressful questions. Etc.

They are usually asked for selecting to stressful jobs like marketing, sales, HR etc. Here, Remain calm and composed; Do not be provoked, A deep breath helps. Be polite. Smile and reply tactfully. Practice will help.

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